Kee Hinckley

I’m currently a software architect at TiVo Corp., where I’m responsible for figuring out how to get all the information about what you can watch on TV and online into one place where you can view it on your phone, tablet, or TiVo DVR.

Prior to working at TiVo I founded or co-founded seven of the ten startups I’ve worked at over the past twenty years. Those have included Alfalfa (multi-media internet email—1989), Wildfire (voice-based digital assistant—1992), Utopia (internet consulting—1994), and Messagefire (anti-spam that doesn’t examine content—2002). Prior to heading down the startup path, I worked at Bell Labs, Sperry Research Center, Apollo Computer and the Open Software Foundation.

My educational background is Anthropology and Psychology (I have a BA in Anthropology from Bates College). My focus has always been on creating software that allows people to communicate, while at the same time blending into the culture of how they communicate.

My wife, Mollie Pepper, is a researcher working with refugee populations in Thailand and Myanmar. One of my daughters, Shadi Fotouhi, is an artist and QA Engineer at robotics startup Jibo. My other daughter, Shireen Hinckley, is a freelance video editor (television, documentaries, movies, music videos…) in Los Angeles.