Words That Fall from Grace

World Wide Words newsletter is a fun read. The latest typos, odd words, and questions about where phrases come from. This time there’s a request for suggestions of words or phrases that have falling into disuse.

7 – Over To You
World Wide Words newsletter

This time it’s a personal request, aimed at British subscribers in particular, though others can also play. I’m writing a piece in my current book about words and phrases that were once common but that have fallen out of everyday use within the past 75 years or so. These will mostly be names for things, and I’m avoiding slang or colloquial terms. My aged brain is having trouble assembling an adequate selection.

Some already in my list will give you the idea of what I’m aiming at: emergency brake, running board, motoring holiday, antimacassar, career girl, wireless (a radio), gramophone, washboard, wringer, record player, double feature, liberty bodice, brassiere (as opposed to bra), inkwell, and pedal pushers.

Please send your suggestions to this special address oldwords@worldwidewords.org, not my usual e-mail address.

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