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Software changes how we communicate with customers, co-workers, and others. It builds and shapes the community and culture within and around your organization.
Who in your organization is making sure your software is shaping the right culture?

Techno provides software evaluation, design, and development services. Everything we do—whether adding a feature, developing a website, or guiding the deployment of an entirely new project—is undertaken in the context of the people who will be using it; their goals and processes, their privacy, security, and safety.
We have over 40 years experience developing solutions for organizations from one person to tens of thousands. And if we don't have the skills you need, chances are we know someone who does.
--Kee Hinckley


Startup Advisor

I founded or co-founded seven of the eleven startups I’ve been involved in. I have dealt with everything from financing (VC pitches, finding private investors, cutting deals with corporate investors, by my own bootstraps), to marketing and sales, to public presentations, tutorials, panels and standards committees. On the technical side I have ranged from pure development, to managing development and IT groups, to providing architecture and technology solutions for developers.

I can help you with…

  • Translating your technical architecture into VC speak.
  • Fine tuning product and architecture plans.
  • Reviewing acquisition and purchasing plans for technical viability.
  • Acting CTO as you get up to speed in hiring.
  • Defining processes and best practices to streamline technical work.
  • Choosing the right set of tools for your development and planning process.

…and more.

Software Design/Development

I have experience building software for email systems, messaging architectures, metadata analysis, web scraping, social media tools and content moderation systems, text analysis and matching techniques, user interfaces, and more.

I have recent experience with dynamic development languages like Javascript, Python, Perl, and Node. Databases such as MySQL, Mongo, and Neo4J. And frameworks like React, Eleventy, Django, and Pandas.

Whether it's designing a system for others to implement, guiding a development project from start to finish, or just adding a feature, plugin, or extension to an external system, I can provide help in those environments, or come up to speed on new ones.

Web Site/App Development

I've been developing web sites and applications since shortly after the web was invented. I've built internal and external applications for companies ranging from Fidelity Investments to the Boston Museum of Science. From banks to religious organizations. From internal applications to major events. And most recently, this website.

The technologies have changed tremendously, but the requirements haven't. Accessibility. Inclusiveness. Privacy. Security. Responsive interfaces. Browser compatibility. Internationalization. Usability. Speed and efficiency. All are even more important than they were at the start.

Technology Evaluation

Whether it's deciding what product to purchase to solve an issue, or buying a company, I can help you with that evaluation. I've been on both sides of the acquisition process multiple times. I've gone in to evaluate potential acquisitions. I've seen them succeed and fail, because in the end, you're acquiring people, not software.

On the technolog acquisition side, you have the same issues as hiring consultants…is the solution going to fit your company's processes and culture? What will the support costs be, how much customization will you need? Having an outside view that doesn't have NIH concerns can give you an unbiased view of the options.

Social Media Consulting

From chat rooms in the 70's, to moderating social mailing lists in the 80's, to tech lead for the teams at Meta creating software for their 30,000 moderators; I've been involved in social media since before it had a name. If your company allows employees to socialize online, or to interact with customers, then you're running a social media system…whether you want to or not.

I can help you understand the benefits and dangers of running social networks, and help you build the processes and software you need to prevent abuse and burnout, while encouraging participation.


Eli Israel

Eli Israel

Senior Software Executive | SaaS Scale-Up Expert | Caring Team Builder

Kee is a one-man think tank with an outstanding ability to synthesize technology vision for business ends. His work on the MessageFire anti-spam service was indispensable in making it reliable, easy-to-use, and easy to administer. His technology choices were instrumental in our very fast time-to-market, which was key to our success. Highly recommended as a CTO.

Ken Smith, MBA, M. Ed.

Ken Smith, MBA, M. Ed.

Entrepreneur, investor, & environmental steward.

Kee and I worked together to build an Internet strategy & consulting practice. I relied heavily on Kee's technical expertise and found him terrific to work with - smart, affable, and professional.

Keith Dawson

Keith Dawson

Freelance Technology Writer and Editor

Kee was in my group at Apollo. Though early in his career, he was already a star. He is one of the more talented software developers I have worked with. Kee had a nose for what would come next in the software world, as witness his founding of a Web development company in 1994.