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When does a privacy enhancement become a privacy distribution mechanism? OPS was a distributed content tagging system with the idea that various organizations would rate web content, and browsers would subscribe to the user’s desired system. I wrote this article about it in 1997, but it’s become relevant again as we discuss how to do distributed content-moderation on federated systems like Mastodon. Bluesky has proposed a similar system as well. What’s interesting is that the threat and privacy models have changed considerably since then.
At the same time that the United States is encouraging the people of countries like Iran to exercise their right to disagree with their government, American technology is being used to prevent freedom of speech in those countries....  In a age when word processors get shipped with restrictions which require them to validate their license with a remote server, it seems to me that software which can be used to limit the liberties of people around the world should be locked down quite a bit tighter....  For more details on the use of American censorship software in other countries, see the OpenNet Initiative at http://www.opennetinitiative.net/.
I think people who say "I'm more comfortable talking to people who use their real names" or "they should find another social network" don't realize just what a broad swath of the population is being eliminated by this policy. ... For some excellent personal statements on the importance of name privacy, see http://my.nameis.me/ If you're wondering where I came up with "ten or more percent of the population", that's what I believe is a conservative estimate, based on the number of people on Facebook who don't use their real names.
There's been a lot of flak over this tweet about recognizing the mythical "10x engineer"β€”the engineer that is so good that it doesn't matter if they reduce the productivity of everyone around them. But tearing down someone's list is easy. What we need is a set of rules that recognizes what the right person looks like. Here's my point-by-point rewrite.