‪After 9/11 I got so sick of “God Bless America” bumper stickers that I had one made that said “God Doesn’t Bless Countries”.‬

This week I realized that I don’t have any bumper stickers. I don’t even have a yard sign.


After all, Trump supporters do.

Because I’m afraid of what a Trump supporter will do to my property.

How did that sneak up on me? That my free speech became silenced by fear? They won and I didn’t even know it.

This weekend that ends. Silence is complicity. And nothing I can lose is worth losing our freedom.

14 thoughts on “‪After 9/11 I got so sick of “God Bless America” bumper stickers that I had one made that said “God Doesn’t Bless…”

  1. I used window paint on my car windows to spell out (in red white and blue




    And I admit, I was somewhat worried about being run off the road or coming back to my parked car and finding it smashed up, but none of that happened. Except SCOTUS greenlighted the Muslim Ban, of course.

  2. When Proposition 8 was on the ballot in California, someone went through our neighborhood and stole all the ‘No on 8’ signs. One neighbor simply went down to the local HQ and got more for everyone.

  3. Brian Holt Hawthorne I live in an apartment, and it’s in the back. Plus, only the brave and the strong can make it up the steps (56 of them).

    Forgot to add that I bought that flag after 9/11.

  4. A local renter has a big pickup with an awful license plate. It’s a confederate flag with a naked woman on her knees and the phrase “Southern Style “. I’m incensed every time I see it. I’d love to tag the truck, but I don’t. Not because I’m too civil. It’s because lm afraid of what could happen if he caught me doing it.

    He used to have a Trump bumper sticker. Not sure what happened to it.

  5. Sordatos Cáceres Oy! Rear window! Not front 🙂

    That’s when I also realized anything you paint on the back of your window shows up the right way around in your rear view mirror. I mean, duh, but it did surprise me.

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