What do you do when you can’t use an H-1B to hire someone here? You outsource to them there.

It’s not as efficient. But it’s certainly cheaper. Of course it means that all that money you would have been paying into the local economy, not to mention the investment in skills, now leaves the country.

On top of that, as you build teams outside of the U.S., it becomes easier and easier (and far cheaper) to outsource entire projects to them.

I really wish we hired more people locally. Especially junior resources. But companies make decisions based on cost. Getting rid of H-1Bs is just going to push the money somewhere else. And it’s not going to be hiring local.

That said, the whole “we’re a consulting company full of H-1Bs” is definitely not the right solution either. Especially since it tends to lock contractors into that company and makes it harder for them to get hired full-time, which ends up being bad for both your company, and the contractor.

Also note that tech isn’t the only industry relying on H-1Bs.

Rural Areas Brace for a Shortage of Doctors Due to Visa Policy

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There goes the tech industry in this country.

Originally posted on G+, March 2017, Updated July 2019.
Kee Hinckley. Jul 23, 2019. La Conner, WA, USA.